48 Hours in NYC

So this is my third time in NYC and I can’t believe I’ve never posted about it!! My friend Keeley lives there so she did a great job planing our weekend.

First, I flew into JFK and split a taxi which was cheaper than Uber with my friend. It cost around $70 with tip in the the city to my friends apartment in West Village.

Work Out

I’ve been dying to try Barry’s bootcamp. Since we don’t have it in Scottsdale I had to try during my time in NYC. The one con is it’s $30+ a class, but it’s worth it. You can even pre-order shakes so they are ready for you once you are done with the class.

Eats & Drinks

Lil Frankies

Touristy Things

Get your steps in and head to Central Park. New York in the spring is absolutely stunning while all the flowers are blooming!

The Yacht Week

Where do I even start…the best week of my life. We peaked. It’s over. And now I’m depressed.


Why Croatia?

My roommate did a lot of research through other blogs like theblondeabroad.com (one of our personal favs) and she’s done a few yacht weeks and said Croatia is the best. It was also the original route. You can do Greece, Italy, Thailand and more. My goal is to do every route!


First things first. Book the yacht. We booked the yacht with about 5 girls in November. We found the rest of our group (awesome Texas boys) through the Yacht Week Finder Facebook page. I highly recommend joining the Facebook page to meet other people. After we confirmed our group we created a private channel to help pack and figure out logistics.


Day 1-Milna


Day 2-Hvar by Kiso

Aka the song of trip. We went to Hula Hula

Day 3-Hvar

Hvar is where the White Party happens. Bring something white because everyone wear white to this party.


Day 4- Komiza

You must see the blue & green caves! They are natural and so so beautiful. You can also cliff dive at these spots.


Day 5-Vis

Vis was one of my favorite islands. We rented scooters and drove around the whole island…got lost a few times and found a winery. I highly recommend going to Fort George during the day. It overlooks the beautiful city. We ended up going here at night for a party too. Bottle service with the biggest bottles of Belvedere >>>

fort george.jpg


Day 6-Natural bay

The skippers tie up the boats together so everyone can jump/swim from yacht to yacht.

natural bay.jpg

Day 7-Regatta/back to Split

Okay we didn’t have enough wind for this apparently…but all the 50 boats race to the finish line. You are judged based on theme of the boat (ours was bae watch) and speed. We didn’t want our outfits to go to waste so we still got dressed up and participated.



What did you do on Yacht Week?

A typical day we would wake up and eat breakfast & lunch on the boat. We stocked up on groceries, ice and alcohol every day. We even bought an extra cooler because it gets hot. Every day was 85 and sunny. Our skipper would sail us to the next island. Our skipper, Matej, was a local from Croatia. He gave us awesome recommendations for dinners.


What To Pack

  • Swimsuits
  • Coverups
  • One hoodie (one night got cold)
  • Sandals-NO HEELS!
  • Swim rafts
  • A few pair of cheap sunglasses. I broke a pair and another guy on my boat lost a pair.


The big question everyone always asks me…how much did it cost? It cost ~$700 per person for the yacht which we paid in ~$200 increments starting in December. I brought $1000 cash, because we knew ahead of time a lot of places wouldn’t take card in Croatia. We exchanged it all it Kunas. We spent ~$100 on groceries/alcohol for the boat. We put a couple hundred each and used that for restocking alcohol, ice, water taxis and port fees. Don’t forget the flight. I found a cheap flight out of LA to Moscow to Split on Russian Airlines for ~$1000 roundtrip. Overall, we spent a lot more with bottle service and nice dinners out. I would say in total with yacht, flights, food, tipping our skipper and extras ~$3k…BUT it was one of the best weeks of my life so in my opinion so worth it!

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How to Plan a Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Who said planning a bachelorette party for 17 girls was easy?! Here are 6 tips to keep the party going for the bride to be.

IMG_3279Go Big or Go Home

Literally. One thing I loved about the bride is she invited more than just the bridal party.  She included all of our best friends from high school. #nashvillepartyof17 #tayslastrodeo

Bachelorette Pad

Staying in a hotel with this many girls/hotel rooms can be hectic. This is why I highly recommend airbnb. This keeps a large group of gals in one place (for the most part). We can all pregame the bars together and be in one place. We stayed about 5-10 minutes from downtown in East Nashville. Logan made survival kits for all the girls including some essentials and our pink tanks! Thanks to Tay’s college friends for all the cute decorations too!


Resos on Resos

On a holiday weekend who wants to wait around in lines all weekend? Not me. Especially when the party planner herself gets hangry waiting for food. Plan ahead. I used Yelp and the Thrillist to check local reviews on restaurants and bars.We ate at Biscuit Love and Saint Anejo for brunch. Highly recommend. And of course had some bbq at Edley’s and Jacks.




Pedal Wagon

Why would you not do this? Nuff said.

pedal wagon


Lingerie Shower

Every bride deserves some new sexy lingerie before her honeymoon. We created a Facebook message without the bride to throw ideas out there on what everyone wanted to get her. We then had a little surprise guest show up to get the party started 😉


VIP Open Bar

We did the VIP open bar from 8-11pm at Honky Tonk Central. How much? $95 per girl including tip, unlimited appetizers, and any drink for 3 hours on a private balcony. At 11pm we were able to go down and mingle with the bar, but its the perfect pregame and a great way to skip the long lines on a holiday weekend.


A Beginner’s Guide to Las Vegas

Last summer got a little crazy…moving within driving distance to Vegas was beyond dangerous. I racked up 6 trips in one summer and I can not get enough of sin city. I have to bring in a professional for this one. To the girl who got all of our friends obsessed with the pool parties, sleepless nights and hangover brunches at the Bellagio….meet Andi Zitney (she just so happens to be my roommate. How convenient right?!). For this blog post I decided to ask her some questions for those of you who have never been to Vegas or want to test out the adult playground the way my friends and I do…Enjoy and be safe!

Andi is on the left at a Wet Republic pool party
At the Chandelier bar in The Cosmopolitan

M: When was your first trip to Vegas?

A: My 21st birthday was my first adult weekend in Vegas.

M: How many time have you been to Vegas?

A: (she’s laughing actually thinking about it) 30+. It’s an easy trip because I have a house there.

M: Although, I know you don’t stay on the strip much. What is a good hotel/location for going out?

A: MGM is always going to be great spot, because it has a night club and day club. It speaks to a younger crowd. I would stay away from the North end of the strip. You will constantly be making your way back to the middle.

M: What is your favorite restaurant on the strip?

A: High Dollar STK in the Cosmopolitan-$$$$ and Culinary Dropout- $$

M: Buffets are a must do. Top 3?

A: Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and The Cosmopolitan

M: What has been your favorite show? Why?

A: Cirque du Soleil- O Show. You could go with your grandma or friends. It is all around a good show. The hypnotism shows are fun too. Also, I would check out if there are any concerts in town.

M: If you are 21 and going to Vegas for the first time what night clubs do you recommend?

A: Hakkasan in MGM, XS in Encore and 1 Oak in the Mirage.

M: Day clubs?

A: WET REPUBLIC! The only place you need to go.

M: Do you recommend getting onto guest lists? What about for guys?

A: If its a slow weekend yes, but for big weekends like Memorial day, fight weekends or labor day I would recommend buying tickets for big names. Usually you can tell by a well known DJ. Guest lists can get up to a 4 hour wait and they can’t promise you on getting it. Guys…sorry…no.

Pool party at Marquee
Pool party at Encore Beach Club




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