Wedding Postponed- Coronavirus

Where are my 2020 brides at!? I get questions almost every day about my wedding and what we’re going to do. For those of you who don’t know my original wedding date is June 20, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio. After talking to our venue, they told the deadline to postpone is basically one month out from the original date and that is exactly what we’re doing. Waiting until the last. damn. second.

Ohio’s stay at home order expires May 15th and restaurants are opening May 21st so we are basically right on the line of things being back to the new normal. Although, we still have no answers on social gatherings.

My gut was telling me to postpone since people aren’t going back to work quite yet and even if we could have it I don’t want to be the first event people go to post quarantine. Not everyone is comfortable leaving there houses quite yet so it feels like the right decision. Plus I don’t really want people wearing masks at my wedding.

Checklist for brides if you are thinking about postponing:

  • Set up time to talk to your venue. I’ve found it’s more helpful over the phone than over email.
  • Check with all your vendors that your back up date works before moving. I learned that a lot of your retainers you’ve already paid for are non-refundable, even during a global pandemic, so you don’t want to lose out on that money.
  • What a lot of people think about that’s not that easy is not only do you have to move the date, but you also have to move the rehearsal dinner date, photographer, videographer, DJ, Cake, Hair & Make up, Nail appts etc.
  • Once everything is confirmed, set up a final call with your venue to see if pricing, when final payments are due etc.
  • Move hotel blocks to new dates
  • Stay positive! A lot of other brides have had to postpone too so you’re not alone. This is out of your hands and will be a lot less stressful when you decide to pull the trigger and postpone.

Our new date is Sunday August 30th. Although, this might be too soon to have a social gathering. Ohio is saying if we take social distancing practices like restaurants are doing I think we should be fine, but fingers crossed out new date will work.

Hopefully this was a good resource for you! If you have any questions I’m happy to help 🙂



How to Plan a Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Who said planning a bachelorette party for 17 girls was easy?! Here are 6 tips to keep the party going for the bride to be.

IMG_3279Go Big or Go Home

Literally. One thing I loved about the bride is she invited more than just the bridal party.  She included all of our best friends from high school. #nashvillepartyof17 #tayslastrodeo

Bachelorette Pad

Staying in a hotel with this many girls/hotel rooms can be hectic. This is why I highly recommend airbnb. This keeps a large group of gals in one place (for the most part). We can all pregame the bars together and be in one place. We stayed about 5-10 minutes from downtown in East Nashville. Logan made survival kits for all the girls including some essentials and our pink tanks! Thanks to Tay’s college friends for all the cute decorations too!


Resos on Resos

On a holiday weekend who wants to wait around in lines all weekend? Not me. Especially when the party planner herself gets hangry waiting for food. Plan ahead. I used Yelp and the Thrillist to check local reviews on restaurants and bars.We ate at Biscuit Love and Saint Anejo for brunch. Highly recommend. And of course had some bbq at Edley’s and Jacks.




Pedal Wagon

Why would you not do this? Nuff said.

pedal wagon


Lingerie Shower

Every bride deserves some new sexy lingerie before her honeymoon. We created a Facebook message without the bride to throw ideas out there on what everyone wanted to get her. We then had a little surprise guest show up to get the party started 😉


VIP Open Bar

We did the VIP open bar from 8-11pm at Honky Tonk Central. How much? $95 per girl including tip, unlimited appetizers, and any drink for 3 hours on a private balcony. At 11pm we were able to go down and mingle with the bar, but its the perfect pregame and a great way to skip the long lines on a holiday weekend.