Belfast 12/11/15

I spent most of my time in Northern Ireland where I worked. The weather was pretty average, but it does rain quite a bit so if you’re traveling to Ireland be sure to pack an umbrella.

The fun stuff:

  1. Christmas market at the City Centre. They had a bunch of vendors from all over Europe. I highly recommend the dutch pancakes with strawberry sauce and Nutella.
  2. The Vaccines concert-an English indie rock band. Thanks to my wonderful work friends Tammy & Aaron for showing me an amazing time.
  3. Went to endless Irish bars…per usual. My drink of choice in the states: vodka water with lime. AKA not a thing in Ireland. The bartenders looked at me like a crazy person when I tried to order that so it turned into a vodka white- essentially a vodka lemonade.


Aaron, Tammy and I at the Vaccines
The Vaccines at Limelight

What I learned:

  1. Always have cash- I learned that some shops don’t accept cards so if you are traveling all over Ireland be sure to have both Euros & Pounds. I learned that Northern Ireland is a part of the UK so they use pounds, whereas the rest of Ireland uses Euros.
  2. Condiments AREN’T free- I learned the hard way by taking a handful of jam to go along with my scone after I paid. The cashier thought I was stealing the jam. I for sure take that for granted in America
  3. “What’s the craic?” means what’s happening (a common Irish saying)…not cocaine lol
  4. If you see a public bathroom…USE IT! There aren’t as many bathrooms around shopping malls as in America so be conscious of your surrounds especially when you are out having a few drinks so you don’t almost pee your pants 😉

Now all I need is an Irish accent ❤