Priority Pass Airport Lounge Review 2018

Let me start by thanking Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card partnership with Priorty Pass in order to get into all these lounges! I know I’ve been talking about it a lot lately on my blog, but it is seriously such a great perk especially when traveling internationally. The lounges are bigger and better! What not to love about free food and alcohol!?

So far here are my ratings to the ones I’ve been to:

On a scale of 1-10 I’ve decided to rate each club on amenities, ability to sleep and location.

  1. Phoenix Airport- The Club at PHX located in terminal 4.

Pro: terminal 4 I fly most often out of PHX.

Cons: small, doesn’t open until 8am and many times I’m at the airport much earlier than that, and no showers.

Sleep rating: 2

Amenities rating: 5

Location: 8

2. Hong Kong international airport- Plaza Premium Lounge terminal 1.

Sleep rating: 8 very dark and comfy chairs

Amenities rating: 9 love the showers and free towel use. Shampoo and conditioner included!

Location: 8

Plaza Premium Lounge terminal 2

Sleep rating: 3

Amenities rating: 6 food is not as good as terminal 2

Location: 7

Pro: both lounges are 24 hours.

3. Phuket International Airport-the Coral Executive Lounge.

Sleep rating: 3 bright

Amenities rating: 8 complimentary neck and shoulder massage just book at front desk!

Location: 2 before security and not located in the same place the description said in the app.

4. Bangkok International Airport- Miracle Lounge

Sleep rating: 3

Amenities rating: 10-best lounge I’ve been to yet!

Location: 10-right across from our gate

I plan to review more as I go and see more lounges around the world!

Things to Do During a 12 Hour OVERNIGHT Layover in Hong Kong

We landed in Hong Kong around 8pm with a 12 hour layover overnight… Obviously we would go completely insane if we didn’t leave the airport so why not go check out the good food and night scene in Hong Kong?!

It took us about 30-45 minutes to get through immigration & customs.

From there, we took the airport express $15 a person. It took about 20 minutes to get to the city.

We decided not to get a hotel since we would just head back to the airport in a few hours. A lot of restaurants were already closed, but we found Tsui Wah Restaurant on Yelp open until 2am here.

I did get two free guests in the Plaza Premium Lounge with free food, alcohol and even showers. Read my post on the Chase Sapphire Reserve to see how we get over 1,000 lounges all over the world for FREE (comes in the annual fee, but well worth it in my opinion)!!

We wanted to go to Victoria’s Peak which overlooks the city, but we were worried since everything closes around midnight we were worried we wouldn’t be able to figure out the bus system so we headed back to the lounge since it’s open 24 hours and hung out until our flight.

All in all, Hong Kong was a very clean and safe city. I would highly recommend going to check out if you have the time, even if it’s overnight.