Where to Stay in Iceland

I booked all of our Airbnb’s a few months in advance and one hotel. Split between 5 girls the price wasn’t bad at all. I recommend booking these early. Since Iceland is a hot destination they can sell out quick.

Our first AirBnB here was super cute. The only issue is they didn’t leave us that much toilet paper or paper towels.

My favorite was the Ion Adventure Hotel. I booked with points, but it was THE coolest.

Champagne upon arrival
Geothermal pool

 In Reykjavik we stayed here for $179/night. It was within walking distance to bars including Lebowski Bar (I highly recommend a White Russian although they were $22/drink).

This AirBnB is just past Vik this AirBnB for $300/night. This was in a lava field. It was one of our favorites because it had a private hot tub on the porch.


In Egilsstaðir, we stayed at this AirBnB on a horse farm. This host was so nice they left us red wine, white wine, beer and chocolates.

Most of the AirBnB’s gave us codes so make sure you check your messages when you are on wifi so you can get in late. We often wouldn’t get to our AirBnB’s until midnight or later.

All AirBnB and the Ion hotel had free wifi and parking.

Tip: I recommend downloading Google Maps offline. I was able to get around the country without buying an international plan or renting a GPS. I just kept my phone in airplane mode.

How we got there?

Check out my blog post on Wow Airlines here.

Questions? Email me at jetsetbrunette247@gmail.com

Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs have been on my bucket list ever since I went to Ireland last time in December 2015. We drove straight from the Dublin airport which is a little over 3 hours to the county of Clare where the cliffs are located.

What to Know

  • You can buy tickets online ahead of time and save 10% here. Tickets are 5.40 euro per person online.
  • Check the weather ahead of time. You won’t want to go on a rainy day. 
  • They open at 9am all year round. Check to see when they close online it depends on the time of year.
  • There are a number of shops and cafes located in the visitor center. Bring cash!

What to Wear

It’s windy and expect rain. I wore boots and my winter coat. The trails were muddier than I expected. I probably should of wore my rain boots. The hood to my jacket and gloves were a lifesaver!

Pay 2 Euro to go up O’Brien’s tower



Belfast 12/11/15

I spent most of my time in Northern Ireland where I worked. The weather was pretty average, but it does rain quite a bit so if you’re traveling to Ireland be sure to pack an umbrella.

The fun stuff:

  1. Christmas market at the City Centre. They had a bunch of vendors from all over Europe. I highly recommend the dutch pancakes with strawberry sauce and Nutella.
  2. The Vaccines concert-an English indie rock band. Thanks to my wonderful work friends Tammy & Aaron for showing me an amazing time.
  3. Went to endless Irish bars…per usual. My drink of choice in the states: vodka water with lime. AKA not a thing in Ireland. The bartenders looked at me like a crazy person when I tried to order that so it turned into a vodka white- essentially a vodka lemonade.


Aaron, Tammy and I at the Vaccines
The Vaccines at Limelight

What I learned:

  1. Always have cash- I learned that some shops don’t accept cards so if you are traveling all over Ireland be sure to have both Euros & Pounds. I learned that Northern Ireland is a part of the UK so they use pounds, whereas the rest of Ireland uses Euros.
  2. Condiments AREN’T free- I learned the hard way by taking a handful of jam to go along with my scone after I paid. The cashier thought I was stealing the jam. I for sure take that for granted in America
  3. “What’s the craic?” means what’s happening (a common Irish saying)…not cocaine lol
  4. If you see a public bathroom…USE IT! There aren’t as many bathrooms around shopping malls as in America so be conscious of your surrounds especially when you are out having a few drinks so you don’t almost pee your pants 😉

Now all I need is an Irish accent ❤