My boyfriend is from Beirut so we took a trip to see his family. I was pleasantly surprised how much there is to do and see. I ate so much amazing mediterranean food including salad, hummus, chicken shawarma and falafel.

Places to See

    • Beirut
      • Inhabited since 3,000 BC (top 10 oldest cities in the world)
      • Hamra – One of Beirut’s major commercial districts. Hamra Street, is filled with high-end fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, and bars.  
      • Downtown Central District – This area is full of high-end stores as well along with many rooftop bars and hotels. Central District is thousands of years old where you can find ruins from many different empires that have taken over the city.
      • Raouche – Pigeon Rocks
      • Verdun – Another area with high-end shops, malls, and cafes
      • Gemmayze – Hipster part if Beirut where you can find many dive bars
      • Manara & Ain Mreisseh – Great place where you can walk along the coast. Many people come here to exercise or just take a leisurely stroll.
    • Cedars of God
      • The Cedars of God is over a 2 hour drive from Beirut
      • Entrance fee to help keep preserved
      • Shops in the area for souvenirs build out of Cedar wood
      • Wood was exploited by Phoenicians and other empires to build merchant ships due to the strength of the wood
      • UNESCO World Heritage Site

        Rooftop bars

      • Capitole Restaurant and Bar – Downtown Beirut
      • Iris – Biel Downtown Beirut
      • Spine – Beirut
  • Mount Lebanon

  • Beach & Pool resorts

    • La Siesta is about 10 minutes from the city of Beirut. It costs about $27 per person to get in, but you get access to a private beach and pools.
    • Orchid costs about $29 per person to get in and you also get a private beach, pool and towel service. Located in Jiyeh (20 minutes south of Beirut)
    • Sporting Club – Just before Manara and right after Raouche
    • Riviera – Manara area
    • Rocca Marina – Chekka (hour north of Beirut)
    • Eddesands – Byblos

  • Harissa – Our Lady of Lebanon
    • You can do the Lady Mary and the Jeita Grotto in one day for $12 USD. The cableway transports you from the grotto to the top of the mountains for a great view from Harissa.

  • Jeita Grotto
    • The limestone caves were on my bucket list to see. There were two parts of the grotto which you can’t bring your phone (of course I snuck mine): the upper and lower. The upper part you get to walk through and the lower part you take a small boat through.
  • Byblos
    • Byblos is an amazing, beautiful coastal city. It only takes about 30 minutes from Beirut. If you are looking to buy souvenirs, Byblos is the place to do it!
    • Oldest continuity inhabited city in the world from 5,000 BC (second oldest city overall dating back between 8,800 BC – 7,000 BC)

  • Paradise Waterfalls Bakkline
    • Here I go chasing waterfalls again. These are a little over a hour from the city of Beirut. When we got there we were a little confused because there’s two parts. One part is surrounded by a restaurant and the other is a pool that you have to pay to get into. If you have the time and it’s a nice day I would recommend bringing a swim suit and spending the day there.

How I Got There

I used my Chase bonus points and only paid about $100 for my ticket PHX>LHR>BEY then back to Phoenix. Review the best credit cards here. With the 50,000 bonus points and my spend this it totally doable for anyone to do!

I chose the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Check out my post here for the benefits.

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