Phuket and Koh Phi Phi Le Island

After our ferry & 6 hour bus ride from Koh Samui to Phuket we finally made it!! Let me debrief by saying the ferry was not what we expected. Although it was cheap, we did not know it was a bus ride until checking in. The ferry was about 45 mins followed by a bus stop with a 6 hour stop to a market with bathrooms. We booked our ferry and bus to ticket all together here which you get a discount for booking online. Each ticket totaled $24 USD with tax.


Everyone says book tours once you get to Thailand. I 100% agree. There are places all over to book. Make sure you negotiate with them. We got them down almost $100 USD the original rate they gave us on all three tours (listed below) so don’t be scared to negotiate what seems reasonable. Most of our tours included transportation to and from our hotel, a light breakfast and lunch. I would be sure to pack a towel, sunscreen, water shoes and any snorkel equipment. We were always weary that the equipment given by the company didn’t have clean or new mouth pieces.

  1. James Bond Island Tour
  2. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
  3. Koh Phi Phi Le Island Tour

Overall, my favorite was the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary here. The organization originated in Chang Mai, Thailand and has grown ever since opening. In 2017, the Phuket site saved 18 elephants that were abused or used for riding. We learned overtime is not good for the elephant’s spine health. During our time we fed the elephants bamboo, watermelon and bananas. We then took mud baths with them and washed them. It was so cute how much each elephant loved their bath time.

The Koh Phi Phi Le Island Tour was a little long. We chose Sea See Blue Tours here. It was a nice and quiet tour very family friendly. I wish we had more time then the 45 minutes we were given to spend on Phi Phi island and less time on the last smaller island called Kai Island. There wasn’t much to do other then eat, drink or water activities such as banana boating or jet skiing. I would recommend doing a half day tour and just doing Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay. We paid $188 USD each for all three tours and booked all with the same agency in Phuket. We did all three in consecutive days, but they all are must see things.

The James Bond tour included canoeing. The only catch they don’t tell you is they provide someone to canoe you and another person. Our guide was pretty pushy for a tip so be prepared to give at least 100 Baht because they asked us for more. Additionally, we went to a Muslim fisherman island called Koh Pannyi for lunch.

Where We Stayed

We stayed in the city of Patong here near the Patong Beach, nightlife and the market. The market was so convenient for shopping and all types of food to eat for cheap!! It was a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom split between 7 people for $94 USD for 5 nights.

Places to Eat

  1. Tunk-Ka Cafe amazing food and it overlooks the city of Phuket.

2. Market -a few of our favorites were the fruit smoothies for only 40 TBH and spicy Pad Thai and shrimp fried rice for 160 THB open from about 2pm-midnight everyday.

Places to See

  1. Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is a private beach that costs 200 Baht to get in, but well worth it. We took a Tuk Tuk which was about 1.5 miles away from our Airbnb uphill.

2. Bangla Road aka nightlife in Patong beach. Not family friendly, but if you want to see the famous lady boys of Thailand and ping pong shows this is your place.

Now the team is off to the Phuket Airport to hang out in the Coral Executive Lounge prior to our last night in Bangkok. This lounge was in terminal 1 BEFORE security. Best part: free neck and shoulder massage just book at the front desk and tip!

We got our flight from Phuket to Bangkok on Air Asia for $41 USD on Expedia.

Side note: we checked out of our Airbnb in Phuket early and headed to the airport to see if we could get on an earlier flight…bad news you can’t change your flight without buying a new one, but you can store luggage on floor one for 100 Baht per luggage piece per day.

More on things to do in Bangkok including our hotels and flights soon!

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