Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs have been on my bucket list ever since I went to Ireland last time in December 2015. We drove straight from the Dublin airport which is a little over 3 hours to the county of Clare where the cliffs are located.

What to Know

  • You can buy tickets online ahead of time and save 10% here. Tickets are 5.40 euro per person online.
  • Check the weather ahead of time. You won’t want to go on a rainy day. 
  • They open at 9am all year round. Check to see when they close online it depends on the time of year.
  • There are a number of shops and cafes located in the visitor center. Bring cash!

What to Wear

It’s windy and expect rain. I wore boots and my winter coat. The trails were muddier than I expected. I probably should of wore my rain boots. The hood to my jacket and gloves were a lifesaver!

Pay 2 Euro to go up O’Brien’s tower




Where We Stayed

Hilton Miami Downtown. Only 3 miles from Miami beach. My friend Gabi works for Hilton so she gets the team member rate. That’s one way to travel on a budget (I miss working in hotels for this reason).

Places We Ate

You have to eat Cuban food while in Miami We ate at David’s Cafe Cafecito. I can’t say I’ve honestly ever had Cuban food,  but it was amazing. Try a cortadito which is cuban coffee. This place was super affordable plus free parking! 

Bodega in South Beach. This is a cute taco truck with a hidden bar. The drinks were pretty pricey, but I loved the vibe.

Make a reservation at Komodo for a fancier dinner. We got the Lobster Dynamite to start and sushi for dinner. The service was phenomenal! They really made us feel special. This is the new hot spot. The restaurant was still packed at 11pm on a Thursday. Celebrities go here including Kim & Kanye. We even saw Michael Bay aka the director of Transformers!

Go to happy hour at  Sugar in Brickell. We went right at 4pm when they opened and got an awesome table. It’s a rooftop bar on the 40th floor of a hotel that overlooks Miami. Although, they kicked us out after two hours since there was a long wait so that part kind of sucked. Other than that the sushi was good.

Overall, there’s a ton of great shopping, nightlife and beaches in Miami. I was only here for a few days so we spent most of our time at the hotel pool and dining out. 

Road Trip to Mexico

Road trip to Mexico…sounds crazy right? It actually was an easy drive from Phoenix. About 4 hours to be exact. The border is closed from midnight to 6am. I would recommend driving during the day. It’s safer anyways.

What you need?

You are allowed $75 USD tax free in new merchandise per person.

– Items for personal use such as clothing, shoes and toiletries according to the length of your stay.
– One (1) photographic or motion video camera, including a power source and rolls of film or video cassettes. (No professional equipment.)
– Books and magazines.
– One (1) used sports article or piece of equipment for individual use which can be transported by 1 person.
– Two (2) cartons of cigarettes or 100 cigars.
– Three (3) liters (appx. 3 quarts) of wine or Alcohol (including beer) per person if the passenger is an adult (21 or older).
– Medicine for personal use (with your prescription).
More questions? Click here for more information about Puerto Penasco customs.

Where we stayed?

We rented a villa for 11 people. It came out to $167 USD per person for three nights. This is for sure less than I would spend out at the bars for New Years 😉

Check out the website here. Las Palmas was easy to find and close to the beach. I would recommend it because it’s safe (all guests are required to wear wristbands).


Things to do in Rocky Point

Check out the website here for more detailed information here from whale watching to ATVing to night life.

We walked down the street from our resort and got two quads for $100 per hour. We had 6 people so only $16 per person. So cheap! There’s also a bar right by called Banditos that we watched the Fiesta Bowl and spent New Years Eve at. 

If you an looking for an affordable road trip this is it! I’ll definitely go back for a long weekend at “Arizona’s beach”. It’s super Americanized.