December 22nd

Another bestie blogger in the books. Thanks Ashley Kloeb for featuring me in your 25 days of strong blog. Ashley was my college roommate and is currently a nurse in Denver. She is always doing something for a good cause and makes everyone want to save the world. Check out what I do to stay active &  check out her blog and support the eating disorder foundation below.

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My Bucket List for 2016


New year, new bucket list. 16 things I hope to accomplish in 2016!

  1. Bungee jump in New Zealand update: check out my post here
  2. Pet a kangaroo in Australia
  3. Go skiing
  4. Get certified in scuba diving
  5. Road trip to Mexico  Rocky Point Mexico
  6. Road trip to California San Diego
  7. Do a 5k
  8. Do  Triathlon
  9. Go to the Krka National Park in Croatia
  10. Try Indian food update: I tried curry and I loved it!
  11. Visit a new state Zion National Park- Utah!
  12. Do a mud race
  13. Hike the Grand Canyon
  14. Convince my roommate to let me get a dog (sorry Andi)
  15. Go Zip lining update: FullSizeRender
  16. Take a picture under the famous Las Vegas sign (I know this is sad considering how many times I’ve been to Vegas, but it HAS to be done).

Belfast 12/11/15

I spent most of my time in Northern Ireland where I worked. The weather was pretty average, but it does rain quite a bit so if you’re traveling to Ireland be sure to pack an umbrella.

The fun stuff:

  1. Christmas market at the City Centre. They had a bunch of vendors from all over Europe. I highly recommend the dutch pancakes with strawberry sauce and Nutella.
  2. The Vaccines concert-an English indie rock band. Thanks to my wonderful work friends Tammy & Aaron for showing me an amazing time.
  3. Went to endless Irish bars…per usual. My drink of choice in the states: vodka water with lime. AKA not a thing in Ireland. The bartenders looked at me like a crazy person when I tried to order that so it turned into a vodka white- essentially a vodka lemonade.


Aaron, Tammy and I at the Vaccines
The Vaccines at Limelight

What I learned:

  1. Always have cash- I learned that some shops don’t accept cards so if you are traveling all over Ireland be sure to have both Euros & Pounds. I learned that Northern Ireland is a part of the UK so they use pounds, whereas the rest of Ireland uses Euros.
  2. Condiments AREN’T free- I learned the hard way by taking a handful of jam to go along with my scone after I paid. The cashier thought I was stealing the jam. I for sure take that for granted in America
  3. “What’s the craic?” means what’s happening (a common Irish saying)…not cocaine lol
  4. If you see a public bathroom…USE IT! There aren’t as many bathrooms around shopping malls as in America so be conscious of your surrounds especially when you are out having a few drinks so you don’t almost pee your pants 😉

Now all I need is an Irish accent ❤



Dublin 12/6/15

This is my fourth time to Europe and I’ve NEVER been to Ireland. I am super stoked, got to explore Dublin for the day, but the best part about it is I’m going for work. That’s right…you read correctly the first time. My job is pretty Although, I was probably supposed to use this time to adjust to the time difference…I’ll explore instead. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.



But first…coffee….and buying a new suitcase (Thank you Canada Airlines). I highly recommend this coffee shop called Blu Apple. The very nice gentleman there let me store my luggage there for free for the day and FREE WIFI. I tried to store my luggage at a nearby hotel, but they said they only could store for guests of the hotel…go figure.


I couldn’t believe how green Dublin is. I mean I guess it does rain here all the time, but the Christmas decorations make it that much more amazing. Here are some pictures I took around the city.

Must sees:

  1. Guinness Storehouse
  2. Dublin Castle
  3. The Brazen Head-Ireland’s oldest pub



More pics on my Facebook!

Next stop Belfast-Northern Ireland.




There’s no way I was just born to pay bills and die

But really…this past year I’ve done a lot of “soul searching” if you will. Why be in a place if you aren’t happy? My philosophy is we’re too young to sit around and be negative nancies. If you aren’t happy where you live…move. If you don’t like your job…quit. Surround yourself with the people who make you a better person. It’s that simple. I have far too much to explore than to be in one place my whole life. I hope you enjoy my travels.

with love,